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Account closure process

Clients can request an account closure either through chat found in Raiffeisen Digital Bank mobile application or via email. 

Steps of account closure process:

  1. Polish & Romanian clients can send their closure request via chat function in the Raiffeisen Digital Bank application or per e-mail to, while Romanian clients can use 
  2.  The request will only be accepted if the client’s current account has a balance of 0 PLN or 0 RON and the client is verified. If these conditions are not met, the request cannot be accepted, and the client will be informed about additional steps. 
  3. Upon meeting account closure conditions, the request is accepted, and Raiffeisen Digital Bank internal processes are initiated. 
  4. The client is notified of the acceptance and informed that the process will take approximately 30 days. 
  5. Once the account closure process is completed, Raiffeisen Digital Bank sends an Account Closure letter to the client’s email address.

Account closure is free of charge.