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Banking with ease and speed

Our mission is to bring the benefits of modern technology to our customers by providing simplicity and convenience.  


Fast, easy and reliable access to services for individual customers
Convenient and transparent banking from the comforts of home

About us

As Raiffeisen Digital Bank, we offer digital banking products and services to private individual consumers. Our goal is to become the bank of choice for people with a preference for digital banking. Reliable, fast, effortless, and with that bit of something extra.

Since February 2022, we have offered fully digital loans to Polish residents and new, daily banking products to Polish and Romanian residents through a mobile banking offering with current accounts, payment services, and debit cards.

Products: Online loans without the need to visit a bank branch

All you need is our mobile app, a selfie, your ID card, and a current account with any Polish bank. 

  • Online application process in 3 simple steps
  • Credit decision even 15 minutes from the start of your application 
  • Credit decisions after creditworthiness assessment 
  • Fixed interest rates without hidden fees 
  • Flexible repayment without additional fees 
  • Exclusively available on the Polish market

Products: Your simple banking experience

  • Why open an account with Raiffeisen Digital Bank?
    • Free opening of the current account, fully digital
      • No fees for account-to-account transactions to another account at Raiffeisen Digital Bank or other domestic (Polish/Romanian) banks
        • Truly free bank account. No requirement for transactions or inflow to the account
          • Receive a free virtual Visa Gold debit card
            • Convenient and transparent banking from home
              • Help to save the environment by using digital debit cards
                • ​​Bye, bye paperwork, account fees & queues
                  • Ability to use Google Pay
                    • We do not charge commission for withdrawals from contactless ATMs at home & abroad

                    Facts & Figures

                    Numbers speak louder than words. So let them speak for themselves.


                    Application downloads

                    49.700 PLN

                    Average amount disbursed

                    < 15 minutes

                    93% of customers receive a credit decision within 15 minutes of starting the application


                    Contacted us via various messengers

                    Data for the period: 30/07/2021 - 06.09.2023

                    On 04/11/2022 our data confirmed that as many as 93% of our clients receive a credit decision within 15 minutes from the start of the loan application.